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Choose Your Own Life Adventure:
rational | theist | eastern | entertainment | music
shaman | metaphysics | adjunct | combo

It's time for humanity to start seeing eye-to-eye. Let's come together once and for all to end suffering.

Can we re-member that we all agreed to the following?
  • To treat each other with dignity and respect
  • To help each other overcome physical and mental suffering
  • To help each other make life as fun and rewarding as possible
  • To learn about ourselves and grow both individually and collectively
To the extent that we are able to do this is the extent that we control the reality around us.

Imagine that life is a sandbox game where you get to choose your own adventure.

There are many paths to learning about love and creating your own reality, choose the path that resonates most with you:

Red ~ The Rational Path
For those who prefer to put their faith in the scientific method. For those who like solid evidence and proof before believing in something.

Orange ~ The Theist Path
For those who prefer to put their faith in god.

Yellow ~ The Eastern Path
For those who prefer things like yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness practices.

Green ~ The Entertainment Path
For those who prefer to immerse themselves in movies, books, video games and other works of fiction.

Blue ~ The Music Path
For those who prefer to sing, dance, or play instruments.

Purple ~ The Shaman Path
For those who prefer to explore reality through psychedelic research and occult practices.

Pink ~ The Metaphysics Path
For those who like to learn about and explore the nature of consciousness and subjective reality.

Grey ~ Adjunct and Combination Paths
For paths that fill in the gaps or combine elements from multiple paths. If no one path above resonates with you, look here for answers.

Re-member that if something doesn't resonate with you, just let it pass by without judgment. It may work well for others and everyone has their own path in life. It's okay to pick up the pieces that work for you and let go of everything else.
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~ create ~ learn ~ be well ~